Giveaway and Product Reviews

The blog A Tail of Jozi the Corgi would love to help you promote your products and your business with a giveaway to our readers. Giveaways are very popular overall and on A Tail of Jozi the Corgi we hope to help introduce our readers to your products and services that you offer.

We promote our giveaways on the Internet through our blog. We’re always looking for products for dogs and also for cats (The Two Pussy Cats that live with Jozi) to feature in our giveaways. We are looking for all types of products except those that are used for negative reinforcement.

We do not charge for giveaways. However, to make the most of your giveaway, we have these requirements:

• Giveaways will follow a review of your product. Typically we will do a review (there is no charge for a review) followed by the giveaway a few days later. This introduces our readers to the product; it also doubles the product exposure.

• Giveaways need to be for a minimum of $25 (retail) in product. This can be through a single product worth a minimum of $25, through a gift basket of several products for a total value of $25 or more. More valuable giveaways generate more reader interest and more exposure for your business.

How Giveaways Are Conducted

We run our giveaways using Rafflecopter, a third-party widget that utilizes to select winners at random. Rafflecopter does tend to draw large numbers of respondents/entrants; thus drawing attention to your products!

The bigger the prize, the bigger the numbers, in most cases!

With each giveaway, you may choose one or both of the following entry methods:

• Invite entrants to visit your site to look at your products and leave a comment about which product they would like to win.

• Ask readers to subscribe to your newsletter

To Contact Us for a Giveaway

• email

Or use the Contact Us form in the top navigation bar

We look forward to working with your company!  Woof!!