Here you will find all of the reviews of products that we have done on A Tail of Jozi the Corgi and the Pussycats since we started doing reviews in June 2012.

First Review - Freezy Pups!  June 2012 

Ever since Jozi was 6 months old she has LOVED ice cubes and whenever we go to the freezer to get ice for ourselves, she peps up and points her ears to the sound of the clink of cubes transferring from the freezer compartment to the drinking glass and I can almost hear her say “gimme an ice cube, will you please?” As I hear her chomp and chomp on ice cubes I have always had that sinking feeling in my throat that she is going to break a tooth since they are just solid blocks of frozen water. I started making my own “treats” for Jozi with yogurt, organic pumpkin puree and organic honey and then piped them into ice cube trays and she really enjoyed them. I really wanted something more appetizing for her and good for her, (but I doubt Jozi even cared what the treats looked like she just loved that they were “like” ice cubes) so I started looking for organic easy to make treats.

When I heard about Freezy Pups I just knew that this would be the perfect treat for Jozi. It’s cold and tasty and would satisfy the chewing instinct of a pup and at the same time deliver good organic “stuff” to her. And I would not have to worry about her breaking a tooth on cold frozen water cubes.

After contacting Freezy Pups and inquiring about their product for a review on my blog, I was contacted via email and then Jozi and I received a Freezy Pups kit in the mail to review. The kit comes in a convenient packaging that displays the unique Bone-shaped freezer tray and has 4 individual flavor packets to make 4 different Bone-shaped trays of Freezy Pups.

We started by assembling all the necessary items to make Freezy Pups:

 Freezy Pups flavor packet

 Glass measuring cup with ounces clearly marked on it + 7 ounces of water

 Bone-shaped ice cube freezer tray (such a unique design!)
Measure 7 ounces of hot water (heat until right before boiling – I used the microwave on medium power for 30 seconds), pour the packet into the water, stir until fully dissolved and then pour into the bone-shaped tray and freeze until solid. (Jozi sat in the kitchen and watched me the entire 3 minutes it took me to prepare these yummy treats and I even let her sniff the package after I opened it and she went NUTS!

As Jozi sat patiently and waited.....

When completely frozen, remove from freezer and let stand on the counter for 2-4 minutes. I used a sheet of parchment paper and turned the bone-shaped freezer tray over and only had to twist slightly and all of the Freezy Pups dropped right out. No mess, no fuss! So easy and then I stored them back in the freezer but truth be told….they did not last long and then I was on to making a second, third and fourth batch trying out all the flavors.

Jozi’s favorite Freezy Pup flavor by far is the White Cheddar Cheese with Juicy Apple coming in a close second. She also likes the Sweet Potato ‘n Maple and the Chicken Soup flavors too!

 Tongue-Licking GOOD!

The kit worked fabulously and was so easy to prepare and I will surely be buying more refills for Jozi in the future. The bone-shaped tray is very well made and not flimsy in the least; it will last for years with proper care (I opt not to put it in the dishwasher and instead just a quick hand washing and air dry). The only thing that I think would improve the product is for Head Of The Pack to offer MORE FLAVORS; the most important aspect of Freezy Pups is that they are all organic and only 4 calories each (which is a bonus with a growing Corgi who is food motivated!) Some of Jozi’s suggestions would be flavors such as Peanut Butter and Molasses, Pumpkin, Coconut and maybe Cherry and Banana flavors.

For all you puppy parents out there struggling with what treats to buy that are healthy and ones that your pup will not grow tired of, give Freezy Pups a try and you will be hooked and your pup will love you even more!

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Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,

Disclaimer: Freezy Pups makers Head Of The Pack was kind enough to send the kit for review purposes only. I am not being paid for this review and all of opinions are my own and 100% honest. And Jozi says that her review is 150% honest. She LOVES Freezy Pups!


Pedigree Dentastix Review Sept 2012

We were contacted by Pedigree to review some Dentastix and we got lots of other freebies with our package. Dentastix is a wonderful, quick, easy-to-use product that helps to prevent doggies from having tartar build up and other associated problems with dental care. Used daily, Dentastix can “brush” away the tartar and build up on the teeth and these Dentastix leave the breath minty-fresh!

We also received a toothbrush kit with toothpaste and Jozi seemed to “like” having her teeth brushed…it was a success! Your pup can get a toothbrush too if you win the giveaway!

Disclaimer: Pedigree was kind enough to send the kit for review purposes only. I am not being paid for this review and all of opinions are my own and 100% honest. And Jozi says that her review is 150% honest. She LOVES Dentastix Fresh!

Legal stuff: No purchase is necessary, the odds of winning are based on the number of entries, you can enter once a day using the Rafflecopter widget and US residents only for this giveaway, please!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat