Doogles ... Get Your Doggles ...

Jozi sporting her new Doggles.....perfect for a Corgi!

Jozi can't seem to catch a break...mom always catches her with her tongue out....

See those cute little flowers on her Doggles....those were a BIG selling point for mom...

After we took a walk and she sported her Doggles she had to chill out a bit with her Doggles on her head...

Get Your Doggles HERE for your pup

Happy Week!
Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


  1. What size did you buy? Is she full grown?

  2. Jozi has the small size Doggles; she is just over a year old.
    I hope you buy your pup some Doggles too -- they are great!

    Thanks so much,
    Cat and Jozi (woof!)


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