6 Months Gone My Jozi Girl

Today marks 6 months since my sweet sweet Jozi died. 
Time marches on but the sorrow and the grief remain.
My heart is still hurting and the tears are still flowing. 
I still talk to you my JoJo Belle and I hope you hear me.
I was so honored to have such a bright light in my life with you, Jozi.
You brought smiles and created laughter in our home that just feels like a house now. 

We're almost through summer and approaching fall - the time of year that I loved to photograph you in with pumpkins and falling leaves and crisp mornings on the deck watching you roam the yard as your tummy touched the moist blades of grass.  

I have to keep remembering those little joys and the strong barooos that you gave us because they are a smile on my broken heart. 

I never really thought about life 'after' Jozi - maybe that was selfish of me to want to keep you here forever and not think about you without us.  

Mama loves you so much and will always miss you sweet girl.  

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


Happy Birthday to my Girl Jozi

Happy Birthday Jozi Wales Wigglebutt at the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you so much and miss you so much every day sweetie.
I dropped some cheese on the floor just for you today...💖

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


Goodbye my Sweet Sweet Sweet Girl Jozi

Today was the last day that our girl was with us.
Today we were scheduled for an ultrasound.
Today I loaded Jozi in the car and gave her many pets and love kisses while we drove to the vet's office.
Today I entered the vet's office carrying Jozi since she has been unable to walk. 
Today at 2:25 p.m. Jozi went limp in my arms and her eyes rolled back in her head.
They started CPR, no 💓 beat.
They couldn't get that tiny girl's big heart to come back.
Today our Jozi died.
Today Jozi died in the arms of her mom and I still can't get the thought of that last moment out of my mind. 

Jozi Wales Wigglebutt  06/01/2011 - 02/13/2023
11 years - 8 months - 12 days old
610 Weeks and 5 Days
4,275 Days
102,600 Hours

Today we looked through a book and picked out an urn for Jozi's ashes.     
I took my credit card out for the last time to pay for something for Jozi.  
Today I purchased a private cremation for Jozi instead of an ultrasound. 
This was not the last thing that I thought I would purchase today.  
Today we are devastated and not sure how or when or if we will ever be able to come back from this. 
The loss is so profound.  The ache in my heart and body is so huge.
The gap is tremendous in our lives now.
I had a very hard time walking in the door at home today without my Jozi girl.
All of Jozi's things are here and everywhere I look I see her things.
Her toys, her beds, her blankets, her rain jacket and winter coat, her leash and harness, her her frozen yogurt bones in the freezer. 
I will never be able to look at or even eat green beans or carrots again I don't think. Jozi loved them. 
Jozi was our child she was our reason for practically everything. 
Our lives revolved around Jozi most definitely. 
She brought us joy and created laughter in our household. 

She had been struggling the past 3 weeks, she had stopped walking due to her back legs giving out. 
She stopped eating and wanted nothing to do with any food. 
She was diagnosed with pneumonia last Thursday evening and was started on many meds, given IV fluids for dehydration and she just did not engage in much.  I was so worried and we tried everything.  Thought it was DM, IVDD, scheduled an MRI and that had to be put on hold due to the pneumonia and lack of appetite.  Then her calcium levels skyrocketed and our vet was overly concerned. She called me to check on Jozi late in the day on Saturday and stayed at the office after they were already closed to provide me with an appetite stimulant to possibly help Jozi eat.  It worked on Saturday, she acted hungry and ate.  Then Sunday she refused any and all food even after the appetite stimulant. Then I tried to give her some of her other meds and she lashed out at me and took a huge chunk out of my finger but I did not care.  I was all in to work hard to get her better, get her over the pneumonia so she could eat since she loved food and would gobble up any food.  Then we would do the MRI.  

I called her the Corgi vacuum cleaner. She used to watch me make dinner from her 'line' spot on the rug between the kitchen and the dining room. Then if I dropped something or said oops she was right there to chomp it down.  She was quicker than I was most times. 

Still not enough time, we wanted more, we needed more, we should have had more time. We should have been able to save you. 
I loved you from the moment I held you in my arms, baby girl. 
I will always love you.
I fought hard for you but you couldn't stay even though I tried to get you to stay. 

Jozi Belle, JoJo, Wigglebutt, Sunshine, Sweetie Pie, Sweetheart, JoBelle, Short Stack, Baby Girl.   
You were beautiful, loving and a gift for us.     
 We miss you so so very much and it's only been 3 hours.... 

XXOOXX Mom and Dad 
Please please know that we loved you with all our might and will forever remember you and how much you touched our lives with your barooooos and barks and boofs, your squeaky toy obsession and the infinite sparkle you had with that little butt wiggle and that big Corgi grin.  

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat
The final post of Jozi the Corgi and the Pussycats.


We have closed this Go Fund Me. 

Here is Jozi's Go Fund Me if anyone is interested, if you can share we would appreciate you so much!

 ♥♥♥ Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat

Jozi's Journey

Hello Friends, It's been so very long and things have changed drastically for Jozi our girl. She is needing medical care and treatment. We just saw the neurologist after a two month wait! Can you believe that? Neurologists for dogs are few and far between and in our area there is only one for Nebraska, South Dakota and Colorado. This is so shocking to me! Anyway, we went to the neurologist and Jozi needs a possible MRI after we get DNA tests back to see if she is a carrier of DM (if she has 2 of the SOD1 genes or not). If she does have two copies she most likely has an onset of DM but if she does not have two copies of the gene then she may have IVDD. We are going to get a DNA test....waiting for it to arrive in the mail and then we will get results and then take the next steps. But, I have to say in the last 2 days she has almost completely stopped walking, she just can't stand and now we must carry her outside for potty trips and she struggles so much it makes my heart HURT SO BAD. Send prayers and good vibes, please!
Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


Time Keeps Marching On

It's hard to believe that my girl will be 11 this year... In two short months she will reach a milestone from this one year photo and we plan to do a 'remember shot' with the same setup so we can see the difference that 10 years makes! Please join us!
Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


With Christmas on the horizon, what better way to flaunt your Corgi Christmas Spirit than drinking from this awesome Corgi Mug? 
Check this out!

Hey Corgeous!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


We Are BACK After A Long Hiatus...

Gosh it's been so very long!
I am back to writing on the blog so look forward to new Jozi pictures and articles and hopefully some sponsorship!

We are a little older, a little wiser but still full of S-P-U-N-K as a Corgi should be!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat