Birthday Girl Jozi - Look Who's TWO

I can't believe our little Jozi girl is TWO!  The time has flown by so quickly and Jozi has grown from a little pup into a big girl!  A personalized bone and a blueberry bumble cake with blueberry frosting and a candle for a two-year old birthday was the fare for the day....Jozi really seemed to enjoy the blueberry frosting the most I think......she didn't much care for the party hat but tolerated it and daddy even tried to get her to play with a big balloon but she was too scared of it to even try and just barked and barked. 
We call her Wigglebutt but sometimes she is also called a chicken-butt because she is so darn shy sometimes around "new" things and won't even go near them....ever!

It's been a busy day and it's late and the party is over, Jozi has made sure there are no leftover crumbs from her cake and we have put away the party hat and we will look forward to a new day tomorrow with a two-year old pup!  Sweet dreams my Corgi girl....tomorrow we will take a trip and get a new toy for you!

Happy Birthday to our little Jelly Bean Wigglebutt Jozi girl!

Mom ALWAYS has to capture a tongue-sticking-out picture!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


  1. Thanks Benny and Lily...wish you two could have been at my party, I would have shared my blueberry bumble cake with you both! Woof, Jozi


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