First Shopping Trip and Quick Walk

So, this morning we went on our first shopping trip to the pet store to pick up a few things....Jozi needed a halter collar and we found the perfect PINK polka dotted one.....she's such a girl.....

We plopped her into the cart and she stood up the entire time as we steered the cart through the store; albeit there were many times where people just wanted to scoop her up and take her away from us....you just don't see many Corgis around our town.

When we checked out with all of Jozi's garb, the guy at the register said to me "that's a pretty cool hood ornament you have there" as Jozi was standing up commanding attention in the cart leaning out the front of the cart......I only wish I had my camera with me that day......

We then headed to the park for a "first walk" which lasted all but 5 minutes....she was literally  pooped from the car ride and the shopping trip and all she wanted to do was lie in the grass so we headed home for a rest break for us and a nap for Jozi....

Love and Barks and Peace and Treats Forever,


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