Exciting News ----- Jozi's Blog To Review and Possible Giveway of Freezy Pups SOON !

I am so excited to be announcing that Jozi the Corgi will be getting to watch mommy make (and she will get to taste) Freezy Pups - the delicious frozen treats made just for dogs in an upcoming post courtesy of Freezy Pups!

My kit is expected to be here in approximately one week and then I will be making them, posting my review with photos and give you Jozi's unbiased opinion since she IS the resident taste-tester for all puppy delicacies in our household!

The soon-to-be good friends at Head of the Pack designed these easy-to-make at home treats for pups and it's so cool that they are organic, nothing artificial and no preservatives and they come in great flavors too!

Jozi and I will keep you updated on when we will be having our taste-testing trial and the results of the product soon! 

Also, look forward to a possible giveaway by our friends at Head of the Pack for a FREE Freezy Pup Kit to be given to one of our blog readers too! 

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Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever on the eve of Jozi's FIRST Birthday! 

J. P. S. (Jozi Post-Script)  Look for Jozi tomorrow on The Daily Corgi :
"I will be telling MY story in about my first year of life on my FIRST Corgi Birthday!"  

I can't wait for MY Freezy PUPS!

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