Saturday Learning Lesson....

A learning lesson for a Corgi:


Where do carrots come from, Jozi?…..as Jozi peers around the corner and heads towards the refrigerator…."Mom they come from that big tall silver thingy that has a door and when you open it, I stick my nose inside and feel that cooooolnesssss and they are right there!.......that drawer, on the right…you know the one that has lettuce and those long green vegetables with big seeds in them….come on, just give me a carrot. I don’t need a lesson on where they come from…I just want ME some carrots for my morning treat!"
"Just GIMMEEEE MY carrot......NOW or I will totally lick you to death Mommy!"
Lesson over...
 Jozi DOES know where carrots come from in our household just not where they really come from.... 
Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,

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