Jack - A Story of Loss and Education For All Dog Parents

I just finished reading a WordPress blog that was just heartbreaking about a family with great love for their furry pals and are dealing with a great loss due to negligence by their family vet over the Memorial Day holiday. 

Jozi is close to her yearly check up and this article forces me to be more diligent, informed and cautious at all times.  I never knew that there was an injectable formula of heartworm treatment; Jozi gets the monthly chew tabs and seems to do just fine.

It's too bad that her vet did not disclose or have the family read and sign a consent form before administrating this drug....Shame on their vet. 

Please read the following blog post and offer your condolences if you wish to the family of AshleySassaman who touts herself on her WordPress blog as "a Mother, Lover, Friend, Wife, Baker, Writer, Dreamer, Doer, Believer... This is a little bit of all of that" and I think that with her words and diligence she WILL make a difference through Jack's life and save other dogs and owners from this loss and grief she and her family are currently experiencing.

Justice For Jack


ProHeart6  - Read about thisdrug from Pfizer's website 

(by the way, Pfizer seems to be VERY concerned about the cause of Jack's death and according to Ashley, Jack's mommy here is the latest update:

May 31 UPDATE:

Pfizer called back today to let us know they were planning on reimbursing us for the money we paid to have Jack cremated.
His body is being sent to a different lab in Florida and it will be 4-6 weeks before we get a full  necropsy report. They are doing tissue samples, toxicology… The whole nine yards.
Pfizer seems as interested in getting answers as we do.....

Again...peace and love and hugs and rest your eyes this evening Ashley knowing that Jack is at the rainbow bridge and I am sure that he has lots of tennis balls for fun play.

HUGS to AshleySassaman and Family...
There are so many of us with fur babies that are grieving the loss with you and your family.

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,

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