Calling All Noses.......Snoutstick

I'm looking into getting this for Jozi; her nose needs a bit of tender loving care as does the pads of her feet; she is not the true "corgi lady" instead she is a rough and tumble corgi and sometimes she needs a bit of pampering....

Has anyone used any feet pad creams or products that they would like to share?  (There are SO many out there and I just do not know which ones would be best)
I would love to hear from other pup moms and dads that use different types of feet pad creams....

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


  1. Having a dog that I take roller-blading we deal with split open & blistered pads, every year. I bought Musher's Secret this spring & thus far have been VERY happy with it! I didn't buy it for nose-protection so if I read the fine print on whether or not it can be used on noses, or just toeses I can't recall. It comes in a tub, & is the consistency of greasy chapstick. I usually dip Hawk's feet in it & then kind of smear it around---I also apply on the front porch before we take off. It seems to leave a few greasy footprints, so I opt not to put it on inside in the carpet. But there's no major-mess & can be used to protect again ice/cold as well. I got mine for somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 from KV vet, but I am sure they sell at most any mail order catalogs. I used to use Udder Balk & Bag Balm (found at any TSC) but that is a good deal greasier & seems to take longer to soak in) Good Luck! Let us know what you settle on!

  2. Kristin,
    Thanks SO MUCH for giving us the heads-up on Musher's Secret; I think I will get some for Jozi. I just did not know what "kind" to get and it's great to hear positives about Musher's Secret. I think she needs feet care more than nose care and I'm glad that I did not order Snoutstick since it's mainly for noses and such.



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