Mantra For Mondays....ON (Thursday)

As most of my readers know, I generally do a Mantra for Mondays each week...this week I ran out of time and life got in the way just a wee bit.
So, I'm posting this as a Thursday primer for the weekend; maybe this post will give you the extra added steam  you need to get through until the weekend by spreading good vibes and kindness....because our little world needs more kindness.

I guess I will warn you I am stepping up on my soapbox for just a quick minute or two, then I will step back down and go back to being Jozi's mommy but not without remembering how important it is to be nice to EVERYONE that you encounter EVERYDAY!

Doing good deeds is something that needs recognition in our world!

The kindness of strangers…you do not hear much about this but to experience it is amazing! (In mostly Jozi's words....)

I had quite the adventure the other morning; on a trip to “the place to see all the puppies” we were traveling in the car and inadvertently had a flat tire miles from home.
Dad tried to put on the doughnut (what....is this food or what?) Mom and Dad kept talking about the doughnut and I never got any doughnuts so I guess they must have eaten them ALL and did not share with me....anyway they kept saying the doughnut was flat too....I just don't understand; it must have tasted flat so that is why they didn't give me any....hu? 
But, there was no one to call to help so Mom said she would go and get dad’s truck to get the tire fixed but that meant that mom would have to walk home and to her amazement, a VERY kind woman stopped and offered to take mom home instead of letting her walk.  Mom did not get the kind stranger's name or anything but said she had 4 young kiddos in the car and mom was back real fast and she was safe....I was glad!

While mom and I waited for Dad to get back with the "fixed" tire she took me for a walk around the school grounds where the car was parked with a flat "doughnut"....I still don't get it but oh well.  So, when Dad got back it was too late to go see the puppies so I went to training class and at least got to see those puppies!  And I got lots of treats too!
Love, Jozi

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat  

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