Update - Andy The Lost Corgi

Many months ago we posted about a sweet corgi named Andy that was spooked by fireworks while him and his family were visiting friends away from home on New Year's Eve.

I find myself checking for any updates on him and we are coming close to almost a year that he has been lost.  The family has been comforted by thoughts, prayers and many followers and people out there looking for Andy but to no avail they have not brought Andy home yet. 

Every time I checked for any updates over the past few months there were no confirmed sightings until just a couple of weeks ago.....

         Update On Andy        

Operation new sign campaign has begun to pay off! I received a call which we were able to verify with the tracking dogs was not Andy. This of course was disappointing, and worrisome after this long stretch with no confirmed sightings. For so long some people would say, no way, impossible how could he still be out there?? Well Andy was so regularly being spotted and the calls were so consistent tha...t it was easy to respond with full confidence, yes he is! Well this stretch of quiet phone, nothing leading to anything and of course the fear that the storm had forced Andy into another area thus having to start all over was overwhelming at times. UNTIL...

We received a call this week just outside of Andy's most travelled area, close enough to be easy to relocate to, however far enough to be outside of Andy's most aware residents. So thankfully we had the super team of tracking dogs and they confirmed this sighting!!! They continued and headed exactly where he was reported to have been going.

ANDY has been SEEN!!!!

So team Andy is in action, operation new signs has continued, now with concentration in areas we have confirmed he has been traveling in very recently. He is not heading away, he is heading back slightly to where he was lost and slightly in my direction, though he does not know we have moved here since his disappearance, and doesn't know how close we are, I can't help but look outside in the morning and hope to see his smiling face:)

I hope we continue to get calls, I hope more people become aware that he is still there, that YES it is possible, and YES if you think you saw him please call! I appreciate each and every call from someone who thinks there is even a small slight chance it was him, it all helps us piece together Andy's ever changing puzzle. A puzzle I so badly want to solve now, in time for Andy to be sleeping under his Christmas stocking once again. It is hanging and waiting for him :)

Jozi and I are HOPING that Andy will be found soon and be reunited with his family.....
We are so far away from where Andy is but we hope that those that are in the area will continue the search until he is home, where he belongs!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


  1. I have heard that the lost Andy story is a scam or a disingenuous hoax. Does anyone actually know the family for whom Andy is a lost pet? It does seem a little odd that after one year, with multiple tsightings, and track dogs, it does seem strange that he has not been brought home. However, I am not knowledgable about these situations. Just like everyone else, I have been invested in his return home. Now I have no idea what to think. I will mull this over for awhile.
    Rebecca & LMPP

    1. Rebecca & LMPP,
      I truly believe that Andy is "lost" from his family and that the family misses him. I have been following his story since I first heard about it on NPR and also saw it on the national news. The family (Jordina - the puppy mom) is a very well known in the horse training circuit and she and her husband just moved close to where Andy has been sighted in hopes of having him home soon. I honestly have not heard anything about this being a hoax and the help that they have been getting, he money that they have spent and the time that they have invested over the past almost one year makes me believe that there is true love for this little guy and all they want is for him to be home, safe and sound.
      There have been many stories about dogs being lost for quite some time and then being found....unfortunately so many times there are people that "take" these animals in as their own and I can only hope that Andy is hiding out and not being hidden by someone who knows how fantastic of a dog a corgi really is and wants to keep them for themselves. Jordina and her husband truly deserve their little guy back and I hope that this happens soon.

      Thanks so much for your comments!
      Cath & Jozi

    2. I am so relieved to hear that the situation is real. Not that I want dear Andy to be lost. That they are real people and have ties to their community, is all I need to know to erase my doubts. I truly didn't like a Corgi world in which someone would "punk" us like this. So now we go back to the mysterious sightings and unbounded optimism. May the new year being him home.
      Rebecca & LMPP. Never happier to be wrong


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