Giveaway....Smooch A Pooch!

Get in on the fun....SMOOCH A POOCH giveaway!

We were contacted to be the lucky recipients (Jozi and me) of a fun-filled, smooching-good basket of goodies and we are also going to have a giveaway for the same basket that one of our lucky readers can also win!

The giveaway prize includes:

Here's the package that we received!

One coupon for one free office visit and a Dental consultation to your local Banfield (inside Petsmart) 
Paw Print Keepsake (this is GREAT to show off your pup's photo and their pawprint)
Doggie Toothbrush (the design is so wonderful to get all those teeth sqeaky clean)
Doggie Toys
Dentastix Fresh samples
Sephora goodies including a $25.00 Sephora gift card
Toothbrush and toothpaste for us humans to keep us minty fresh and clean
If you want to participate in this giveaway, just leave a comment on the blog below telling Jozi if your pup enjoys teeth brushing and if so or not was it or is it hard to get your pup used to the process?  (Jozi LOVES teeth brushing....it's just another way she thinks she gets a treat!)

This giveaway has a GREAT toothbrush for pups; it has three sides that get all sides of your pup's teeth EASIER than those people-type toothbrushes we are all used to!
We will have the giveaway open until 3-24-2013 and will announce the winner through a random drawing!
Once the winner is chosen, we will announce the winner on the blog and the winner will need to email us their mailing address and then a representative from Pedigree Dentastix will send you your PRIZES!
We were contacted by a representative for Pedigree Dentastix Fresh and were asked if we would like to receive a box full of lots of fun stuff for both Jozi and me!

One of the toys we received that Jozi has NOT destroyed yet....she LOVES it

SO, leave Jozi a comment and get entered in the giveaway TODAY!

A little about Pedigree Dentastix Fresh...
February is Oral Care Month (Every month of the year SHOULD be Oral Care Month for our pups...), and taking the same care of your dog as you would your own oral health is easy, thanks to PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Fresh treats for dogs!  With DENTASTIX Fresh treats for dogs, pet owners can easily help clean their dog's teeth and keep their breath fresh because these treats are clinically proven to reduce tartar buildup by up to 80% when given daily. 

Some easy and quick oral health care tips for dog owners include:
     Feed one DENTASTIX treat a day for maximum effectiveness
     Brush your dog's teeth regularly and check your dog's mouth for signs of gum disease
     Take your dog to the vet regularly and follow the recommended oral care routine your vet suggests
     Feed your dog a proper diet
     Avoid feeding your dog table scraps

Visit Pedigree.com for more great tips!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,
Jozi and Cat

Disclaimer: Dentastix was kind enough to send the "Smootch A Pooch" pack for review purposes only. I am not being paid for this review and all of opinions are my own and 100% honest. And Jozi says that she LOVES the treats errrr Dentastix Fresh and the toys she received!


  1. Hi Jozi~ My puppy, Toby, does not like her teeth brushed at all! She always pitches such a fit!! I just usually buy her greenies or some type of teeth cleaning rawhide bone because she is never going to allow me to use a toothbrush with toothpaste.


  2. My dog will not allow me to brush her teeth. I give her chew toys and hard kibble instead.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  3. JOZI!!!
    my mom has two dogs, one 2 pounds and one 8 pounds. They will not allow us to brush their teeth, they are fast little creatures and are very good at hiding for hours! Greenies are the way we go!

  4. Hey there Jozi -It'z us Beaglebbratz agin. We saw that u wuz havin'this NEETO-SWEETO give-away an'thought we wood enter tue. Neither of us Beaglebratz LIKE tue git our tooferz brushed BUTT we due go vizit - both of us r therapy dogz - so we hazta put up with it an'our mom also givez us them Dentastiz plus all kindz of doggy biscuitz and kibble - NO TABLE SCRAPZ fur us (altho we wood like sum) We also git sum fresh veggiez an'fruit that r safe fur doggiez. That iz really a most pawsome goodie basket.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  5. While Elka will let me open her mouth, and poke at her teeth, she isn't much a fan of tooth brushing! I have some of those rubber brushes that you put on a finger to use; they felt much less awkward than the "traditional" style. We do use Dentastix, which she clearly prefers to the brushing ;)

  6. hi Kat, Hi Jozi!!!! I love having my teeth brushed!!! My human sister(Bayly) does it for me twice a week. I like the puppy toothbush but I started with a soft bristle childs toothbrush. My mom said it was because it was small enough to get in my mouth and the bristles were nice and gentle on my gums. But I hope I win so i can try the Dentastix!

  7. Hi, we're new to your blog! None of the pack (of seven) get their teeth brushed but they have great teeth from chewing on antlers, Nylabones and each other! : ) When Bill first was adopted after being rescued from a ditch, he was recovering from surgeries and chewed and chewed and chewed. Likely a way to relieve frustration, boredom and anxiety.

    acd6pack + 1

    PS I think that our deaf girl Azule might have some Corgi in her, she's shorter stature and stocky but definitely Australian Cattle Dog!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog - Esa & Zed are ok with brushing their teeth - maybe it's because the toothpaste is favored? Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. That looks like a great box of swag:-) I'd love to enter but I like in the UK, so I'm not sure if I can?

    1. YES - You can enter!
      We will enter you!
      Cat and Jozi

  10. Mom's dogs do not like their teeth brushed, but they love the dental sticks that we buy. Jess

  11. Hey Jozi, my puppy kirby has to have his teeth brushed because he is a little guy, I even have his dental pack shown on my youtube channel, but does he like it ? Heck no! The tooth brush is I beleive a little to hard for him, he is only 5 pounds after all. And sephora giftcard! Count me in!It's nice meeting you Jozi, I came across your blog with this link so thought why not enter!

  12. Hi Jozi, I used to have a "Josie". She was one of my most favorite dogs ever. She is waiting at the rainbow bridge now and I miss her. I have eight doggies currently, three of them are rescues. The majority of them have beautiful sparkly white teeth from their chew bones and other fun chew toys. I have brushed many doggies teeth though, a couple I have now and a couple I've had in the past. Many of my dogs have just let you stick the brush in and do whatever you wanted. I think it helps that most of my dogs are the same breed and it's a breed that seems to understand what you want and not fight you on things like teeth brushing. One of my rescues is a chihuahua though and although he doesn't mind you brushing his teeth, you better not use a finger brush as he chomps down trying to EAT the toothbrush. He is a little monster. Most of my dogs think it's fun. Even the ones that dont need their teeth brushed enjoy the fun of teeth brushing as I use mostly finger tooth brushes, they seem to enjoy the massaging feeling against their gums and some of the doggie toothbrushes are just too hard. When I've showed young puppies toothbrushes and they didn't like it much, I added a dab of peanut butter instead of toothpaste and this quickly changes their mind about getting teeth brushed! A couple times with peanut butter, then mix peanut butter with toothpaste and then just toothpaste and you have puppies who think getting teeth brushed is great fun! My doggies would love this goodie basket. They would love all the treats and toys and even the neat doggie toothbrush. I've never used a good one like that so would like to try. If I win, I will use the doggie paw print frame for my oldest sheltie as she is getting old and I don't know how much time I'll have left with her so it would be a great thing to do so I have something nice to remember her with when she is gone. I already have a great picture for the frame too! The favorite thing out of the basket would be the stuffed toy. They love stuffed toys and are very good at sharing new toys, each dog will take a turn for a few minutes and then someone else gets to test the new toy. We would love to win all these goodies. Thank you. Dh_jax (at) yahoo (dot) com

  13. My dogs will tolerate having their teeth brushed but they don't really like it for the most part. I have one that HATES brushing teeth. They all use chews/chew toys to help eliminate tarter buildup. The new style toothbrush would definitely help the process. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  14. I need to be better about brushing Rita's teeth. They look good because she chews all sorts of greenies and bones, but I want to keep them looking that way!
    jackiebouchard at hotmail dot com

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now too. Hope you'll stop by.

  15. Hi Josie, popping over from the Beaglebratz...so nice to meet you!! My girlz spend alot of time chewing on antlers and other natural bones. gramma does send us some other dentastixs.
    P.s. Josie looks adorable in PINK!!!

  16. Hi Jozi,

    Dumpling enjoys the toothpaste much more than he enjoys the action of having his teeth brushed. He prefers to lick the toothpaste off of the toothbrush before it even gets into his mouth.

    We supplement brushing his teeth with giving him dental chews. However, I would love if he let us brush his teeth more frequently.


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