Smooch A Pooch - Winner ANNOUNCED!

Sorry for the delay; time has just hopped away from us this past week but we finally.....


Jackie B and Rita are our winners of the Smooch a Pooch Giveaway!
They also have their own blog; you can find it here......Pooch Smooches......looks like Jackie B and her pooch Rita will be gettting some GREAT swag! 

Congratulations and Jozi says “woof” to you and to Rita!

Jozi picked your name out of a plethora of filled Easter eggs with our possible winner’s names in each of them. Your egg was a purple one; surprised that she did not pick the pink one! Pink is HER color!

Reply to my email I sent you; providing me with your mailing address and I will forward it on to Jacqueline (one of the representatives from Pedigree that are sponsoring this giveaway); she’s great to work with and so super sweet!

Your comment:
I need to be better about brushing Rita’s teeth. They look good because she chews all sorts of greenies and bones, but I want to keep them looking that way!

(You will LOVE the toothbrush that comes with this great giveaway; it is three-sided and works GREAT!)

We would love to hear from you with pictures (if possible) when you get your prize package so we can feature Rita on Jozi’s blog too!

Thanks so much for entering and Jozi sends smooches to you!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,


  1. Whoohoo! Thank you! I'll reply to your email.

    Rita's teeth thank you as well!

    1. You both are SO VERY WELCOME!
      As soon as I get your email I will forward it to Jacqueline; she is anticipating your information to get the package ready to ship!
      Hope you, yours and Rita had a Happy Easter!
      Cat & Jozi


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