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A note to our fellow readers of Jozi's blog....we recently joined Pack Love and we are applying for a Pack Curator spot....we hope you enjoy the article we wrote!

We'll be back next week for another installment of Mantras for Mondays....until then, introducing...


The Wigglebutt Pack...
Handpicked and compiled by CK
Week of May 9, 2013

Hello all Corgi Lovers!  This will be the first installation of the Wigglebutt Pack, courtesy of Pack Love and the all the humans that love their fur kids so very much!
I'm CK and I'm your curator of all things Wigglebutt - Corgi style!
This is a trial run for the crew at Pack Love (call it a trial run or a doggy daycare test day or whatever you like), I'm trying out for a prestigious spot on a great site devoted to all things dog and all things love.
In the world of Corgi there are two distinct breeds, the Pembroke and the Cardigan.  There is a legend that the Corgi was a gift from the woodland fairies, and that the breed still carries the marks of fairy harnesses on its coat.  (I can see angel wings on my Jozi girl who is a Pembroke, just beyond her shoulder bones so I'm pretty sure she is a descendent of the woodland fairies too)...

The Corgi is an intelligent, loving, stocky and sturdy breed with big beautiful ears that has energy that seems to be unending.  Corgis have a double coat (be wary of the shedding season and keep your mouth shut, your nose covered, banish the color black from your wardrobe and be ready with the tools of the Corgi-trade and all will be well in your humble abode where our Corgis "own" us and love us.

Here are a few Corgi-fantastic tips, tricks, gear, gifts, love and life stories about the best breed ever....the Pembroke Welsh Corgi!
Thanks for reading about our desire to be a curator and we hope to see everyone soon!

Keep shaking those Wigglebutts!
Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, CK and Jozi

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Get Your Own Pet Balloon

Looking for a great Corgi gift for that Corgi FANatic in your life?  Check this out!  My Own Pet Balloon lets you pick your favorite pet design for a great balloon and then lets you find a place where you can order or go and purchase your very own pet balloon.    

Want to help out a Corgi in need?  Paige Davis has made it her intention in life to give back to Corgis in need through Corgi PALS  
Bunny hop, wiggle your corgi butt and get on over to Corgi Pals to see the current helping paws pups and read all their stories and while you're there drop a dime or two into the kitty for pups in need.

Funny YouTube - Corgi Dances For Food (and we gotta show that Wigglebutt off! )

Corgisonwheels - Bobbie Mayer

On the health watch, Bobbie Mayer is the leading voice for Corgis who develop DM.  For those of you that do not know what DM is, it is Degenerative Myelopathy that is a progressive disease affecting the spinal cord.  Many pups with long backs are at risk for DM just because of their "build" and Bobbie is an angel in the lives of many Corgis.  Check out her book and order it here.

And finally, a joke from the Wigglebutt Pack...

A Corgi walks into a bar and asks for a drink, the bartender tells the Corgi, "Sure that will be be $2.00" Corgi says, sorry, I can't pay that.  Bartender asks "What kind of Corgi can't even pay for their own drink?"  Corgi replies, "A PemBROKE". 

Upcoming issues could contain warm weather FUN and games.....and we also have a birthday coming up soon for a certain Jozi Wales Wigglebutt too! So stay tuned for some summer time Corgi antics!

Jozi Doggles!

2012 Summer Time

2012 Summer Time

2012 One Year Old

Until next time, CK


  1. Cute pics. The balloon is a riot!

    Thought the punch line was going to be "I'm a little short." Shows what I know!

  2. Jackie,
    That would have been a good tag line too!
    Are you a member of Pack Love yet?
    I would love to give you an invite if you're interested in putting Rita on Pack Love....let me know!
    Peace, Love, Barks and Treats,


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