Help Benny The Frenchie

We have been so caught up with everything around here lately that we have neglected to take a ride over to the WONDERFUL blog TWO FRENCH BULLDOGS

We visited the blog tonight and found out the Benny has Liver Cancer....oh my goodness and we are sending good wishes and hugs and lots of smooches over to Benny, Lily and their mommy!!!

We are also posting Benny's GoFundMe on Jozi's blog....we are corgi lovers but that does not mean that we only love corgis....we Love Frenchies TOO!  The world needs well pups and so we hope that Benny's condition improves, he gets lots of $$ to help in the fight against the ugly green cancer monster and we are hoping that Benny's mom will get some rest for her eyes from all those darn tears that she has shed....
FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT and get the rest that you deserve so you can feel better!

Please give if you can, as little or as much as you can.....and spread the helping word for Benny!
Every little dollar makes a difference!

Smooches and soft hugs from Jozi....
Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat

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