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So, we have been "off the radar" the past few weeks during a very sad time in our lives but we are back in full CORGI force ready to host some FAB giveaways!
This giveaway will be our first of a few so STAY TUNED, ENTER EVERYDAY and BE READY TO WIN SOME GREAT PRIZES!!

The first of our FAB giveaways for our paw-friends comes from John Paul Pet a wonderful company that offered us a review of their Tea Tree Pack that included a 16 oz bottle of Tea Tree Shampoo, an 8 oz bottle of Tea Tree Conditioning Spray and 45 sheets of Healthy Paws Full Body and Paw Bath Wipes


Do you know what the benefits of tea tree are for your furry friends? Well, tea tree soothes, deeply cleans and cools irritated pet skin and John Paul Pet's products are all non-toxic and smell WONDERFUL and did you know that fleas HATE the smell of tea tree?  That's a paw-able good thing for our furry friends!

We tested the shampoo, Jozi loved her bath and she is squeaky clean and her fur is so soft after just one bath....we are thinking that this IS the shampoo that we will use for Jozi from now on!  With the heat and humidity that we have been experiencing here lately, Jozi has a tendency to have skin irritations so tea tree is just perfect for her!

Our pals at John Paul Pet are offering one of our lucky readers a free Ultra Bright Pack that brightens white and deep-color pets.  The super bright shampoo is specially colored and formulated to whiten and brighten white and light-colored pet coats.  Yet it also works wonders to restore a healthy shine and color boost to black and multi-colored pets as well.  John Paul Pet's Instant Detangling Spray Conditioner helps detangle matted coats to make them soft and manageable.  And to keep your pet feeling as good as they look, use our Eye & Ear Wipes daily to protect against build up and odor around your pet's sensitive eyes and ears.

You can enter everyday using all of the different ways below and make sure to check out John Paul Pet too! They also have a FB, Twitter, Pinterest and a YouTube Channel as well!

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Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,
Cat and Jozi

Disclaimer: John Paul Pets was kind enough to send us the Tea Tree Pack  for review purposes only. I am not being paid for this review and all of opinions are my own and 100% honest. And Jozi says that she LOVES the Tea Tree shampoo and she loves her baths too!
This giveaway is limited to U.S. resident addresses only, please! 

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  1. That is one nice giveaway. We really like JP products
    Benny & Lily

  2. Benny and Lily make sure you enter the giveaway! Jozi

  3. My dogs really don't enjoy bath time but they love when they are done : ) and zoom all over the house. They feel great after a bath!

  4. my dog really loves taking baths. :)

  5. I have four dogs...they do ok with their bath that I give them. I have one mini aussie that is a pup and she is wiggly so I have to do it quick and I have one senior dach corgie who is like a frigid stick afraid to move I feel bad for him so I do him quick too. My other two aren't so bad...I have to watch out for the shakes or I take a bath myself! I would love to win these products as I have seen them in my salon and was wanting to try them...

  6. My pups Leia and Oreo do not like bath time. Leia hates to get her head wet.

  7. My Day-Z doesn't like bath time, but she likes to get dirty. Too bad.

  8. Artie loves bath time; he is a golden retriever mix. Kouga not so much.

  9. none of my 3 girls like baths, they all hide and get as far back in the crate as they can or crawl under a chair....they cry the whole time...they hate getting groomed and brushed too....i learned w/ my oldest, dont let her out b/c she will not come back for hours if she sees the grooming or bathing equipment

  10. My rotty mix and my doxie don't like bath time at all, poor things!

  11. My dogs hate bath time and grooming time. However, they both tolerate it (mostly) calmly because they know they get an extra good treat afterwards.


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