Cloud Star --- Review of Tasty Treats -- Jozi and the Kitties

We got some GREAT yummy treats in the mail and they have been sitting on the counter and it’s GOOD that Jozi has short legs because if not, she would have gobbled them up in an instant if she could have gotten to them! The fine folks at Cloud Star offered us some treats for both Jozi and the kitties and everyone seems to LOVE them….Cloud Star  is a great product; made in the USA and they are ALL natural, grain free and oven baked with goodness, made in the U.S.A. and the furry kids just LOVE them and will do just about anything for one of them!


The tag line of Cloud Star is Wag MORE Bark LESS….and that is what will happen when you present these yummy treats to your fur kids!


Gimme that treat right now or I dare you....I will STICK OUT my tongue!

Crazy eyes for a Corgi and her treat...

Jozi doesn’t have a tail…but you can SEE that little nub of hers wagging back and forth when we take out the treats….she can’t wait to gobble them up! (This is WHY the box in the middle of the picture has a BIG EMPTY hole with NO treats in it….Jozi LOVES THESE TREATS!

Our oldest resident cat loved the kitty treats but our younger cat didn’t want to pose for ANY pictures….
Mom can you just OPEN that bag and gimme one more, please?

Make sure to check them out at http://www.cloudstar.com/

Cloud Star also has a GREAT promotion going on at their website where they donate $1 for every proof of purchase that you send to Cloud Star (they GIVE BACK to the world in such a GOOD way!)

OR you can “shop” at the Proof of Purchase Store to get free stuff…check it out! Proof Of Purchase Store

They have some GREAT stuff in their store too!
Promotional Store

They also are offering HOLIDAY Buddy Biscuits in gingerbread flavor….
YOU NEED TO BUY THESE FOR YOUR FUR KIDS….they will love you fur---ever!

Ellen even reviewed Cloud Star!!

Ellen Trying Cloud Star....You HAVE TO WATCH THIS

Thanks so much to Cloud Star for letting us try your products!

Jozi and the kitties want to know when we are getting more….

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,
Cat and Jozi and the Kitties

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