"Baby" A Thanksgiving Miracle

On our blog, we cater to goodwill, funny stories about dogs; many times Corgis only because that is what Jozi is...A Corgi. 
But, as I spend more time online networking and visiting many more sites there is a SIGNIFICANT NEED for fosters and adopters and ANGELS to rescue so many animals that are considered by some as throw aways and I truly believe that our fur-kids ARE a part of every family and should never be just thrown away and left to fend for their lives in shelters because unfortunately many of them never survive and this is so sad to fathom. 

A few days ago, I saw a Twitter Post with a plea to pull this sad pup from a shelter and while I felt particularly moved to make a difference, I started in with what everyone else was doing and started sharing this sweet "Baby" and her photo and her story to try to get someone to "pull" her.

Baby's Story and Slideshow -- YOU HAVE TO VIEW THIS

The picture on the RIGHT shows "Baby" the day that she arrived at the shelter; not understanding what is going on. The LEFT picture shows "Baby" days into her stay at the shelter showing signs of being despondent and shutting down.
*photo rights belong to Ann AnimalAdvocate Fudge Cluck*
The power of networking…."Baby" a dropped off and forgotten senior pup at the age of 13 found herself sitting in a cold shelter until her picture was shared and people networked and got moving to move her out  from behind bars and let her enjoy the last years that she has left in safety and with love by a new family.
It’s unbelievable how people will just turn their backs on fur-family members for reasons that are unexplainable.  We do not know the reason for her being dropped at this high kill shelter but whatever the reason, the individual or individuals have missed out on enjoying many more years with "Baby" but she has love NOW and SAFETY and will be able to live her senior years in the hands of a loving and caring family!

This IS A THANKSGIVING miracle.....Love to you, Tami and "Baby"

I can see a bit of a "corgi smile" and what is reminiscent of satellite ears!
I only hope that I can continue to follow "Baby" her new mommy should start a blog for her!
We wish we knew where she was so we could send her a Christmas gift of good treats!

Here is a link to her FB plea and sharing page:

Here is the FB page to follow Baby NOW

Thanks so much from poster Ann AnimalAdvocate Fudge Cluck for posting and cross posting to get "Baby" out of the shelter just in time!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,
CK and Jozi

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