Holiday Buddy Biscuits - Cloud Star Review

Review of Holiday Buddy Biscuits
"Ginger Bread Buddy Biscuits Return for the Holidays...Dogs Howl in Rejoice!"
"Cloud Star’s Wholesome and Healthy Dog Treats Are the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Fido"
So, Jozi and I are the proud recipients of some wonderful treats from Cloud Star and were asked to give our honest review and opinion of the company and their wholesome treats. (Jozi's HONEST Review...)

We have reviewed CloudStar treats before and LOVE their tagline and their motto of WAG MORE BARK LESS and just LOVE that they are made in the USA.

The good folks at CloudStar are offering us a ONE TIME discount to display on our blog for our readers to take advantage of 50% off of Holiday Buddy Biscuits....you SHOULD be taking advantage of this for your pup!  This would make a GREAT STOCKING STUFFER FOR YOUR PUP!        hint...hint...hint...hint
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Jozi LOVES the Gingerbread Flavor of the Holiday Buddy Biscuits and they smell so FABULOUS that I almost wanted to eat them myself!  The fragrant flavor of gingerbread wrapped into a crispy and crunchy utter deliciousness according to Jozi....are enough to make a pup GO CRAZY!!  

The ingredients in Holiday Buddy Biscuits are:
Wheat flour, rolled oats, blackstrap molasses, natural gingerbread flavor and canola oil (THAT'S IT Folks! .... NO crazy not-being-able-to-pronounce-ingredients here!)

When I first opened the box, Jozi was watching me intently and then when I pulled one of the treats out of the box, her ears raised and she adjusted her glance as she watched me walk towards her.  With anticipation of getting a TREAT, Jozi did her many "tricks" for the TREAT....sit, shake, lay, roll over and a little bit of a twirl. 


Then I pulled out the BIG TREAT….a HUGE Holiday Buddy Biscuit that we will save for Jozi’s stocking from Santa…she could only smell it through the plastic wrap and got a little miffed at mom when she started to take it away and showed those famous corgi teeth….oh my gosh

Treats for a food-motivated pup cause quite the ruckus in our household....Jozi will do ANYTHING for a TREAT!

I feel so confident with Cloud Star treats because they are:

Made with healthy and wholesome ingredients
Yummy Gingerbread Flavor
Corn FREE Treat

and....they are

And, with CloudStar's commitment to the community, the environment and to mom and dads of pups and kitties everywhere they are dedicated to having RECYCLABLE packing for these treats....so, get your HOLIDAY ON, ORDER a box or two or THREE (limit is 3) and get a 50% discount on your order for Holiday Buddy Biscuits today!  And, when your pup is done with the box you can let him or her rip it to shreds for you and then put it in the recycle bin and help our world....one recyclable box at a time!
Jozi decided she was NOT happy with me when I would not give her anymore Holiday Buddy Biscuits and quickly gave me disgust by sticking out her tongue at me!  
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Thanks so much, Cloud Star!
Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,

We were not paid by Cloud Star for any products but instead were provided treats for an honest review. 

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