KONG Treats Review and Giveaway

We had the opportunity to review 3 different KONG treats provided by the kind people at JAKKS Pacific and Jozi LOVES them....we have to be honest there isn't a treat that Jozi would turn her nose up to (that we've found anyway).  She was sniffing the bags, licking the bags and drooling waiting for me to open them. 
We first gave her the Chicken Tenders made by KONG and they are AMERICAN MADE chicken tenders that are ALL chicken; no by products here guys...and gals and pups!  No wheat, no corn and no soy either!  (This is REALLY important to mom because we have been dealing with what we think is a food allergy and we have eliminated all wheat and corn products from Jozi's diet).

Once the chicken tenders were gone, we moved on to the CRUNCHY Lamb bar treats that we found Jozi licking the bag waiting for them to be opened.....

 Then, the last treats to try were the chewy and meaty Bacon bite treats that Jozi absolutely loved!  But, mom told Jozi that she has to eat all the Crunchy Lamb treats before she gets to enjoy the Bacon treats....Jozi was kind of sad....

We have to work on these treats in moderation so Jozi will be enjoying KONG treats for a little while in our household but I can tell you that by the first crunch, lick and chew she KNOWS what MOM + KONG bag = TREATS! 

We want to thank the people at JAKKS Pacific for supplying us with a GREAT supply of KONG treats AND OFFERING A GIVEAWAY FOR 3 BAGS OF KONG TREATS TO ONE OF OUR READERS (see the Rafflecopter Widget below to enter) that are good for our pup and make me feel confident as a puppy mommy giving these treats to Jozi. 

Enjoy the pics of Jozi enjoying her KONG treats.....
Empty BAG!!
That TONGUE is working.....

More, please?

I would eat the WHOLE bag if you weren't lookin....

ENTER THE KONG Giveaway below!
The details are.....it begins at 12:00 midnight tonight and runs until 11-23-13 at midnight, you CAN enter EVERYDAY and the winner will receive 3 bags of KONG treats (these are the regular sized bags with a retail of over $8.00 each) supplied by JAKKS Pacific, shipped right to your door for your pup to enjoy! 
These treats would be GREAT for stocking stuffers to go in your pup's Christmas stocking....they would Love You MORE when you make them happy with KONG treats.....


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Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,
Cat and Jozi

Disclaimer:  Our winners have one week from announcing the winner to contact us via email and if we do not receive a response from you we have the right to choose another winner.


  1. Oh boy I would like to try those crunchy things. Whooa!

  2. My dogs have had the Kong Chewy Mini Meaty Bites Training Treats and love them. I like them because they are small so even the little dogs can have them :)

  3. Oscar, our rescued puppy mill dog, loves Kong! He loves the chewy treats, and, yes, he also has lots of Kong toys!

    ~Yvonne B

  4. My lhasa loves the little ones that you put inside the toys :)

  5. No, my dogs have never tried Kong treats before.

  6. Blue my miniature schnauzer loves kong treats although its been once and he even shared with the neighbor Don and Rambo..Blue loves that everyone of his friends gets to try new treats... :)

  7. My dog Holly loves her Kong, so I can imagine she would be thrilled to try these treats!!!!

  8. Sissy loves the kong treats! I have also filled her kong with peanut butter.

  9. Theyve never had the Kong treats, but they do have Kong toys. :)

  10. No, I haven't fed Lady Girl any Gong treats, but they sound awesome and there isn't much she doesn't like.

    reply email: anncluck@att.net

  11. We've never given Duke Kong treats before but he has Kong toys and he is in love with them!

  12. My dogs have never had Kong treats but they look yummy!

  13. We have Kongs but I've never given the Kong treats.

  14. My dog has tried the Kong easy treat. She loved it.

  15. Not yet. I'd be interested to try!

  16. I've given my pup kong treats. He loved them!


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