What Would Happen ...

To your beloved fur kids if something happened to you or your family?

I know it's hard to think about but we love our fur kids so very much and we do everything to keep them safe and sound and fed and loved and taken care of but what would really happen if something happened to you?

We are interested in this book by Cathy Connolly If I Should Die Before My Dog and think that it's a responsible and important task to take care of our fur kids for all stages of their lives....

As humans, we buy life insurance, we take precautions and make plans for our family members but many people neglect (and not out of non-love) to include their fur kids in the plans and then the horror stories that we read about happen....pups taken to shelters by other family members that cannot or will not care for them (Every year, more than 500,000 pets outlive their owners, according to 2nd Chance 4 Pets) in shelters pets deteriorate quickly, become aggressive or despondent and face the ultimate fate at no fault of their own.  Something to think about....even though it's something that we do NOT want to think about....but it's important and if we spread the word to be proactive instead of allowing someone to be reactive and believing they are acting in best interest we can make plans and know that our fur kids will continue to get the loving care that they deserve and what we expect for them all. 

Only YOU know everything about your fur kid...wouldn't you want someone else to know those 'things' if you could not be around?

This article gives a lot of good information about pets that are getting a new "leash" on life....check it out New Leash on Life: After Their Owners Die, Pets Set Adrift Find Hope In New Homes

We are looking at possibly purchasing this book to document all of Jozi's likes, quirks and the wishes that we have in case anything ever happens during our journey and we are separated forever. 

I would want someone to LOVE this face like I LOVE this face if I couldn't anymore...

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,


  1. Mom has it all planned out
    Lily & Edward

  2. Thank you so much for such a great article about the book!
    We think the best part of it is that as you said, no one knows every thing about your dog that you do. Even those that visit often don't know everything about your furchild.
    After reading the link to New Leash on Life and the sadness they go through, our book gives them comfort helping them through that transition.
    In the book, which makes a wonderful keepsake like a memory book of your life together, it also lets you tell their "Life Story". That life story includes things such as, the words you used to train them, their favorite foods, where they like their bed and if they sleep with you and so much more. When one thinks about the life they have shared with their dog and all the little things that made that a comforting and loving home those are the things that will comfort them if for whatever reason you can no longer care for them. It isn't always death that separates them from their loved ones. Accidents happen, finances change, living arrangements change. Having plans in place in your will or trust will cover much for them, BUT that will not tell anyone about their life with you, the things that will help them through the transition from one home to another without you. Familiar words and actions will make that transition easier for the furkids we loved so very much.


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