Little Late In Posting.....Dog Park Event

Dog Park Antics...

A couple of months ago we went to our local dog park to lend support for their cause and had lots of fun and took lots of photos!  We saw a few corgis that we just HAD to take photos of and a friend even went to the event and we met up with her and her new fur baby! They even had a treat eating contest (for doggies) where the dog-hooman had to feed their fur baby the dog treat!
Jozi got to have some off-leash time in the fenced area and she seemed to really like it after she realized that mom and dad were still around

Enjoy the photos and have a happy happy Wednesday during the dog-days of summer!!

Jozi wore her Doggles in style....then she wore them on her head!

A pair of Corgis! They were so friendly!
They posed for a pic and Jozi just hung her tongue out!
Beautiful BOY!  Love the coloring!

They had DOG BEER!

Another Corgi with a TAIL!

We met up with a friend and her fur baby Do'g (pronounced Dough-gee)

Not sure about this spoon-thing!

Ohhh Ummm...this is my taste buds unsure of this stuff!

So sweet.....

PHOTO BOMB'ing Do'g!

I'm not having ANY of that treat or any contest....I just wanna watch!
Look MOM no leash here!
Look MOM!  No leash here EITHER...

Walking our way out....daddy has the camera and he always manages to get the behind shots....Check out those pants on that CORGI! 

Have a great Wednesday and SUPPORT you local dog parks!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,


  1. Looks like a great party. After all, doggy beer?!?!! Love the stylin' Doggles up on the forehead look!

  2. Doggles are adorable. How do you get Jozi to keep them on? Jedi would rip them off and eat them first chance he got!

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    Dog Beer? Hmmmm......it was interesting and Jozi tried to get me to buy some but I told her that she was not "legal" you know.....she's only about 16 right now!

    Jozi really seems to like her Doggles...they are pretty snug on her and I think that most dogs would 'get used to them' after a bit if they were put on them.
    Kelley I don't think Jedi would eat them....he might play with them though!
    Peace, Love and Barks !
    CK and Jozi ♥


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