Been A Long Time Folks....

Hi all....it's been a long time and we have lots of fun stuff in the works that we want to share with you very soon such as The Petter - a great product, a review of a great Kurgo product, lots of stories and photos and other cool and fun stuff!

Until then, here is a GREAT video that has gone viral after being shown on tv....

We will be back soon but we couldn't resist in showing the 'gone viral' video of "Friends Furever"
Of course this is an Android spoof but we think it's just great to see animals and antics and spread a little love around the web for all....

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,
Cat and JOZI of course!  ♥

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  1. saw that Android commercial last night and LOVE it! Oh we LOVE the Petter, reviewed it on both of our blogs last year. It's fabulous!


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