Mantra For Mondays (Wednesday this Week)

Running a bit behind on my mantras for Mondays so here is a Wednesday treat to wet your whistle!

And make sure to give your Corgi a drink (dog drink that is)....see the ones I found below courtesy of FETCH!

Healthy smoothies and cocktails for dogs are easily assembled and whizzed up in a blender. Not only does this combine all the ingredients in a quick and effective manner, but because dogs lack the ability to digest the cellulose cell walls in raw vegetables, blending veges in this way will make the nutritious cell contents available to your dog. By whizzing up the whole vegetable, as opposed to just juicing them (juicing extracts just the liquids from the ingredients and separates the solids), the useful fiber is retained as bulk.
Meaty Broth Base:
Whizzing up pieces of chicken or beef with some water is one way of creating a tasty broth or simply boil up any meat and bone leftovers, such as the bones from a roast chicken dinner, for an hour or so, sieve off the solids and retain the liquid part as a tasty and nutritious broth base for the other ingredients.

Here are some ideas for cocktails that might suit different dog personalities.

The Sporty Pooch
A blended mix of raw carrots, spinach, a small knob of raw ginger root and water to keep your active dog on the run. Add these ingredients to your meaty broth base and you may well find it’s a winner!

Posh Pooch
A sophisticated blend of alfalfa sprouts, a carrot, a few pieces of green and red capsicum, a small teaspoon of kelp powder added to the meaty broth base with your choice of most vegies (except onions!). You can even add some fruit in small amounts as well.

Scary pooch
If your dog jumps at shadows, things like a chamomile tea base added to the meaty broth, along with some soothing rolled oats, carrots, green beans and maybe some flaxseed oil may help to settle nerves. You could even consider adding some Rescue Remedy or other Bach flower remedies to the mix as an added calming influence.

Ginger Pooch
Rev up your dog with a mix of a small amount of root ginger, a clove of garlic, a carrot, spinach and a handful of useful and healthy weeds such as dandelion, plantain, chickweed and a small amount of comfrey (a tablespoon of fresh leaf) to your delicious meaty broth base will give your dog’s body a real ‘wake up and smell the other dogs’ lift he may have been looking for.

Baby Pooch
This is for the youngsters of the dog world. A healthy mix of kelp, which is high in calcium and many other really useful minerals (use about 1tsp per cup of cocktail), fresh sweet corn off the cob, carrots, spinach and a small clove of garlic for battling intestinal worms added to a meaty broth made from leftover bones (again, added calcium and phosphorus in the broth) will be just the ticket. You could even add some oily fish such as a tin of sardines (including the soft bones for added enrichment) and some fresh parsley (also high in iron and calcium).

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat

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