Pumpkin Ice Cream (for your PUP)

Pumpkin Ice Cream for PUPS


1 c plain low-fat yogurt with active yogurt cultures

1 c solid-pack pumpkin pure puree (not pie filling)


• Combine the yogurt and pumpkin in a medium bowl and stir until smooth.

• Spoon the mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze for 4 to 6 hours.

Yield: 12 ice-cream cubes

Or, another “quicker” variation on this is to freeze the yogurt in ice cube trays and when frozen add them to The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse and add the pumpkin pure puree and blend till it makes a thick ice cream substance, serve your pup and freeze the rest for another treat time!  (If you freeze the cubes in advance these also make "quick" little yummy yogurt treats too -- Jozi loves them!)

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


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    1. LouAnne,
      The Ninja is fabulous!
      Here is a link for it:


      We make ice cream for people with it too!

      Thanks so much,
      Cat & Jozi "woof!"


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