PACK LOVE Invites Anyone?

Have you heard of Pack Love?

Jozi is on Pack Love.....Pack Love - Jozi's page   and there are MANY more fabulous pups that are on the site....right now there is an invite-only beta version but I have a few invites that I can send to those pup lovers that want to showcase their pup or pups on the site. 
Let me know if you'd like an invite and if so, you may just get bitten by the Pack Love-bug and start checking your pup's page constantly....kind of like Facebook for dogs.....but so much more because you can get LOVES from other pups! 

Leave a comment here on this post if you would like to be one of the lucky few to catch a spot on the great new site Pack Love and I'll be sure to get in touch with you.  (don't forget to leave your email so I can get your invite to you and make sure to spell your email such as jozi AT hotmail DOT com to avoid any spam).

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


  1. My Love Name is LOVE DARCIE LOVE so that every time I hear my name I know how much I am LOVE!but my formal name is Darcie Fulbreit Fox ! My Mom is a Corgi Mom and everyone I "know" NOW love Corgis.......as if they could not.I am responsible for 2/3 of an acre which I run, guard, welcome, play, fetch well..anything my friends throw for me. I take care of two kitty kats our Cat Smokey yes, 20 yrs old and Little Miss Kitty Kat-who had 8! kittens who I herded and helped to find good homes! I am a 9 yr old Tri-Color Welsh Pembroke I have had my picture on a Pedigree can--I should send you a picture(good friend of Mom's reconfigured the label for my fabulous smile) and my personal calendar for my fans and friends. Yes, I and my Mom love enjoy hearing for Jozie & your Cat friends...but Mom says we new an invite. May we join you?...Treats for everyone {Mom does have Great Treats} As Always, Love Darcie Boo

  2. Darcie Boo,
    YES! We would certainly love to send you an invite to Pack Love...you just need to send us an email to us at: Rchcoeur AT cox DOT net and we'll be sure to send you an invite from Pack Love!

    And, we would LOVE to see the pic of you on the Pedigree can...we would love to show your photo of your fabulous smile LOVE DARCIE LOVE on our blog as one of our friends if you want to send us a photo and we would like to showcase you on our blog if you want to!
    It sounds like you are a busy Corgi and have lots of ground to cover in that 2/3 of an acre...Jozi would LOVE to have that kind of room to roam and jump and run on!
    Barks and Treats Forever,
    Cat and Jozi


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