What A Tuesday...Can We Have A Do-Over Please?

I usually don’t post on Tuesdays; but today (tonight) is an exception….

As I write this post this evening I ponder the question….How many lives does a Corgi have?

They say cats have 9 lives and our kitty cats have used a couple of their lives up, I am sure.
Well, Jozi (if she has a multitude of lives), definitely USED UP at least one of them today. Albeit, we are good puppy parents, but as with any parents, we all make mistakes and yesterday we made a potentially deadly mistake. I have blogged about Jozi’s ramp that daddy made her when she first picked us as parents because her little legs were too short to make it up and down the deck stairs. Over the past (almost) two years we have continued to allow Jozi to use the ramp because it is just easier for her overall and we had an issue a few months ago when she was limping but this has resolved itself.  She uses her ramp all the time.

I have often said that Jozi is a bit clumsy and this is not without warranted proof…she is a klutz and she often gets moving so fast or gets so involved in a toy struggle that she trips and she tumbles (not enough to hurt her and it’s just in play time) but she is not the most agile sometimes.

This morning started normal like any other work day and before leaving Jozi needed a potty break. Her ramp was not laid down the side of the stairs and instead was positioned just over the top step with all the steps and concrete below (kind of like a diving platform) when yardwork was done. Their was a rabbit in the backyard and before I had a chance to stand in front of the ramp so she did not approach it and launch herself off, it was TOO late. She ran to the edge and fell down all the stairs head first and landed on the concrete. It all happened SO FAST and when she looked at me she had her eyes squinted down so small and looked like she was in so much pain. THEN I saw the blood and it was all over for me. Like a momma bear, I scooped up my baby and after two phone calls we were off to the vet for an emergency visit.  
I hope after the swelling goes down we get that beautiful smile back!

 After a long wait, pokes, prods, tests, clean up and several rounds of conversations and a return visit I brought my baby Jozi back home to keep a close eye on her. No broken bones but a tooth appears chipped and she has a pretty good ‘bad’ chin injury and a few raw areas of skin on one side of her mouth. I have been watching her all day for signs of other issues such as indications of seizures from the head trauma but the vet believes that her snout took the brunt of the fall so her nose is pretty swelled up and her gums are pretty tender. Pupils were very dilated during the visit but this was due to anxiety (what the vet says), no blood in her nose so this is a good sign too. I am just worried that she will now have problems with her back or her ligaments (a few months ago we had a limping issue that thankfully resolved itself).

Rest, rest, and more rest are on the menu for tonight and Jozi got some cold and mushy Freezy Pup treats
(no hard ice for her right now) to soothe her swelling a little.

Tomorrow should be the day that we see more swelling but hopefully the beginning of healing too and no backwards steps. Her chin is still bleeding a bit every once in awhile but it’s probably because she keeps licking her chin (what a bad area to have an injury on a dog)….......you can’t put a cone on the chin/face/nose….oh my

What a day!

And, what a PRIME POST since just the other day we entered the Daily Corgi’s contest about pet safety and created a board on Jozi’s Pinterest page exclusively for Pet Safety. I guess we won't be winning any contest for safety....lesson learned though, the ramp WILL be put back in it's place always.
Looks like mom and dad get an “F” in pet safety this week.

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat


  1. I am so glad that Jozi wasn't seriously hurt! That would be very scary to see. Hope she is feeling better soon (you and The Dad too!)

  2. Yes, she is doing better; on meds now to combat an infection but things are looking up! Thanks for checking in!
    Barks and Treats Forever,
    Cat and Jozi


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