A Happy BEGINNING ..... Stewart The Corgi

Back in early December, I received word through networking about a Corgi named Walter that was dropped in a high kill shelter and my heart just melted.  I worried....I prayed....I tried to network him all over Jozi's Twitter and could not stop thinking about him but I knew that there was no way that I could physically "help" him with him in New York and me and Jozi in the middle of the world.  I kept the faith and I kept thinking about him and his sweet face in the intake photo.  You could tell he was scared and confused and needed help ASAP and his need tugged at my heartstrings; someone NEEDED this little guy to own them and be his forever new beginning....

 On December 17th, the rescue organization located in New York City, Amsterdog rescued Walter taking him out of the deep crevices of a high kill shelter and then started accepting applications for adoption.

And then just a few days later, Walter who is now named Stewart had a drive and a meeting and then another drive to his forever human where he will be loved and loved and be given opportunities for a full life as a Corgi.

Here is his WELCOME HOME STEWART video:
(I could not stop crying; he is so sweet and he has such a strong will and great spirit)

Here is one more video of Stewart on Day ONE of his cart to help him because of his DM:

Such a GREAT NEW BEGINNING for Stewart!!!
Our heart is full of love and over pouring with joy...

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever for Stewart and his new family,

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