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During this time of the year, our thoughts turn to family and friends, celebration and festivity and the precious time we take as bloggers to post and read other blogs and we crave for others to read our words and maybe even follow us and our blog and come back to see us.  The blog Something Wagging This Way Comes (LOVE this blog title) had a great idea for "giving" without buying by pairing up bloggers with one another and having each blogger review and write about the blogger and their blog and post it with a linky.  I'm proud to be participating and to be giving such a great gift! 

Meet Kelley and her Dog Blog and her fur kids Jedi, Roxy, Gucci and various other animals!  Kelley's blog is all about PETS and specificially about her pup Zente's Jedi Mind Trick (Jedi)...I sensed a Star Wars theme right away with that name!  Her other pup is named Roxy and there is a cat named Gucci that was born in Japan.  Kelley's first blog post was created on July 12, 2012 and has been going full force ever since!

Kelley has the SCOOP on the POOP on her blog! 

T'was the day AFTER Christmas and Jozi's mom has been working diligently on a post for Kelley about her wonderful blog!  I was paired with Kelley of Kelley's Dog Blog and I just LOVE her tagline...."My Life in Dog Years".  She is a busy mom who works and lives and loves her family and her animals.  Kelley is an Animal Control Officer and DOES make a difference in the lives of animals everyday!  Kelley says that "we can only do WHAT WE CAN DO and nothing more but never nothing less" and this is SO TRUE.  Kelley is grounded, kind, and completely honest in her writings and her rants on her blog.  
Kelley did the review of Jozi's blog and was so kind to give a "Top 10 Reasons" to visit our blog!  I was so thrilled to get such a wonderful gift from Kelley! 

Here are some differences between Kelley and I...
* Kelley's home base is in a tiny beach town in Florida and we are in Nebraska  
* She is a Coca Cola girl and I opt for Pepsi
* Kelley is a lefty and I'm a righty
* She has made business cards for her blog and I have yet to do this

Here are some similarities between Kelley and I...
* Kelley says she is sarcastic....me too!
* She still does not know what she wants to do with her life when she grows up... 
* Failure FEAR...I have this TOO...
* Kelley believes that Karma DOES have other plans for people that are cruel and mean
* She is a "list girl" for random thoughts and so am I
* Lameness, limping and Carprofen trials...we did this too with Jozi!
* Kelley joined the 21st century by getting a smartphone this year....gee so did I....
* Kelley is a big chicken when it comes to trimming Jedi's nails; I am TOO with Jozi's nails!
* Jedi got his first Driver's License this year....so did Jozi! 

One of my favorite posts on Kelley's Dog Blog was "If I Could Speak Dog" where she laid out the things that she would tell Jedi if he was able to understand.  Reading that post made me think about how much I talk to Jozi and wish she could "really" understand me. And the best part of my day is coming home after being berated by unkind people and seeing Jozi waiting for me at the top of the stairs as she gives me her welcoming groooowls. 

So many things happened during 2013 on Kelley's Dog Blog such as silly tricks from Jedi, Satin Balls making a debut, Jedi and Emergency Recall DANGER teaching, Anti- "Dog Catcher" 101, the Florida Pet Lemon Law the joy of the illustrious GIANT Kong, three days away from Jedi as Kelley attended a FACA Conference, Valentine's PAW-day, puppy kindergarten graduation, reading about Dogs and Dead People and the Guinea Pig named Spike that was a foster failure, a visit to the Arts Market in cold wind-blowing weather, a trip to the beach, Jedi's FIRST Easter with bunny ears, AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program, great info on Zoonotic diseases, obedience trials for Jedi, Blog the Change for Animals posts, a dog park visit with a dip in dirty pond water, tips on keeping your pets cool in hot weather, Sonic cheeseburger for Jedi, a new doggy backpack, a review of I & Dog book (made me cry), a birthday for Kelley and German Shepherd-Opoly, Bark Box subscription, Puppy Cakes, Bark in the Park, Cesar Millan show, posts about puppy mills, dog bite statistics, review of Kong Easy Freeze, teaching tuck sits and rock sits, Take Your Dog To Work, celebrating Father's Day in style, chewed up smartphone (bad puppy), the USPS and their incorrect viciousness of the GSD breed in media packets, bouts of limping by Jedi that created worries and meds, readying a Tack Box for upcoming shows, 1st Place win at the dog show, Tips on how to be a 'good neighbor', GSDCA won the national newsletter contest with Kelley as the editor, Keeping Calm Mantra, Jedi celebrated his first birthday 10-03-13 (Happy Belated Birthday, Jedi!), the Scoop Your Poop Campaign, GSD Jack-O-Lanterns carving, Yoda ears for Jedi, Dogoberfest, blog business cards, home cooking during National Cook for Your Pets Day, celebrating milestone of 200 posts on Kelley's Dog Blog, Gucci taking up residence in the dogs' food bowl, reasons why Kelley should not hit people with her truck, The GSD Club Christmas party and winning the Outstanding Member of the Year award and taking home a cool GSD pillow, trash escapades on the homefront, Reindog antlers for Jedi, mystery truck illness for Kelley (we HOPE this gets figured out SOON), training for the Chariots of Fur 5k, attending the Eukanuba Dog Show (I'm jealous...again!), Cartoonizing My Pet, favorite Christmas gifts for your shopping list for your pets and Meet the Blogger post with a beautiful pic of Jedi and Kelley....
Kelley and Jedi 2013
I see that Kelley now has a PitaPata Dog Ticker on her blog for Jedi....Congratulations and today Jedi is 1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks and 2 days old!

Please take some time and hop on over to Kelley's Dog Blog and you will find troves of information, great posts and some good-feeling vibes from a blogger that is a mom, a wife, an animal lover and a great woman!

This is a blog hop.  If you would like to see what other great things that other bloggers are doing and saying, check out the links below.  This linky is open until January 4, 2014 so keep coming back to check for great blogs, comments and great content!

Here is a WORD ART that I did for you, Kelley.  I am also going to send this to you via email so if you want, you can send this to print at 11x14 size anywhere you want.....Happy and Merry (late) Christmas, Happy New Year and we are sending you good Karma for 2014!!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,


  1. What a wonderful appreciation of Kelly and her family of furries! And I just love the dog word art. I am sure she's going to just love it.

    Thanks so much for giving such a generous gift in the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange. You really captured the spirit of the whole idea!

    Hope you're enjoying some time off and wish you many blessings in the new year.

  2. Thanks Pamela; I hope that Kelley enjoys it too!
    I am so thankful that I found this great opportunity and I will be sure to come back next year to join in again!

  3. That word art is so cool - what an awesome gift!

    Loved this post - such a wonderful way to highlight Kelley and spread some blog love this holiday season. Thanks for joining us in the gift exchange!

    1. I was so glad to participate and I am looking forward to next year's post already! It was great fun to 'connect' with a fellow blogger!


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