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Hope for Paws

On the Hope for Paws site, a husband and wife team have a goal to rescue pets that are abandoned, thrown away and forgotten about on the streets and in shelters in Southern California.  Animals are strays that are badly injured, abused and need protection and life saving medical care to rehabilitate and live their lives with love and companionship.  This couple is sharing their lives and their expertise to help these animals.  They are telling the stories of the animals when they rescue them and telling the stories is the most important thing to do to find forever homes for these animals.  

Please stop by their site take a look around and view some of their videos; they are so inspiring to see the work that they have done.  
If you have a couple of bucks, make sure to donate too.... You can donate to Hope for Paws HERE 

They need $$ for their cheeseburger fund for the pups. 
The money you donate also goes to provide the basic necessities for doing this incredible work and to help to defray the medical costs that quickly add up with an ill or injured animal. 

Here is just ONE video of Miley a pup that was barely surviving on a trash heap and the miraculous turnaround after being rescued.

One quote I found in one book that this selfless couple offers as a download FREE and receives 10 cents for every download is:  
"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative" by Mordecai Siegal

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, 

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