Happy 4th of July

As we celebrate our nation's birthday today as pet owners we know "the drill" for the most part for our fur babies...keep them safe and calm through the barrage of pops and booms and KABOOMS.
Don't get me wrong, I love the colors and splendor of the big night time fireworks although Jozi would just be content to not have any loud noises,  but I despise the loud-blowup-your-money-in-a-split second-boomers like those big M-80's or larger boomers especially when they rock your house and knock things off the wall.....the other evening Jozi and I were just chilling and hanging out before retiring for the evening and out of nowhere one of the loudest booms took hold of our house and knocked a huge clock off the wall at the same time I'm sure damaging ear drums of the sensitive corgi of the house.....and of course scaring the you-know-what out of mom! 

Today the booms have not started but we are anticipating a noisy day and prepping and preparing by providing lots of exercise and mental stimulation so when the night comes hopefully exhaustion will overcome the loud boom boom booms or help to mask the incessant barking that Jozi has to do to "protect" her home from those loud noises outdoors.  Make sure your pets have identification at all times and do not think that a backyard fence will confine a dog that is spooked....dogs can get through even the smallest of spaces when they have to if they are in fear-mode. 

We want to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July today and we also want to remind everyone to keep their fur babies safe in a house to avoid the 5th of July phenomenon which is the largest and busiest day for lost pets.....

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, 

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