Helping To Find LOST and FOUND Pets

We found this great FREE service online today that helps owners to find lost pets through a national registry and some freebies such as being able to create a free pdf lost poster in different formats to print to try to find your lost pets.  This company, Helping Lost Pets is FREE to use and you can list a pet as Lost or FOUND and once you do, there are other members in your area that are alerted as to the status of a lost or found pet. By utilizing volunteer groups and other social media outlets there is a better chance of getting the lost or found pet networked and back to the safety of their home and humans.

Did you know that July 5th is one of the busiest days for shelters in our country?

Check out Helping Lost Pets and show them some love for the great work that do in helping pets!

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever,
Cat and Jozi

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