Long Hiatus and Mantra for TUESDAY

Well, we here at Jozi and the Pussycats have been on a very long hiatus....things to work out, things to do and a little life to get in order but we are back!

Catching up...hope everyone had a good and Spooky Halloween and a Terrific Thanksgiving!
We have been holding down the fort and making sure that Jozi gets her treats and love (and the pussycats too!)

Here is a Tuesday Mantra for all....(a bit out of the norm but what the heck)

This is kind of what we have been focusing on....the being happy part and not trying to dwell on the negativity.  There is just SO much negativity and un-love happening around us that sometimes it gets hard to focus on the 'right stuff' and you tend to get wrapped up in the negative stuff and keep on blazing along until you hit a brick wall.

I think that with the Molly story (as a true animal lover), I was hit especially hard by the brutality and the cruelty and the misfortune of the family to have to endure such a god awful tragedy that I turned myself off and started looking at all the other negatives in the world....
Have you ever been there?
It's not a pretty place to be, let me tell you.

I have to keep remembering that I cannot understand EVERYTHING and that I can't change everything. I need to live within the boundaries that I see fit and send lots of prayers to those that are suffering and lend a hand when I do have a hand to lend and make sure that I stay positive.

Enough of my jibber jabber....Jozi is staring at me and wondering why I haven't let her say hi....

Peace, Love, Barks and Treats Forever, Cat

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  1. Welcome back! You are just in time for all the holiday FUN!


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